dictionary definitions

So. I seem to be, lately, obsessed with words (language, how things are described, conceptualized, and essentially codified in thought for transmittence… is this too abstract?). Either way, I think the whole creation of language, to preserve, protect and convey meaning, is really interesting. Perhaps it’s the archiving of thought, the preservation of experience? It’s fascinating to me how much can be conveyed (and how eloquently) when language is right-and how “right” can mean a million things. Hmmm. I’m putting this infographic up because I’ve just been looking at it for a project on a time capsule for Technology Studio (yes, school). Not super design-y when you look at it, but the whole process outlined is a series of questions that basically serve to validate the importance of a word. Also interesting to me is how some words have changed over time… tracing meanings. Maybe future projects could be about that.


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